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Ray Emery leads a good old fashioned hockey brawl

Check out this video of the brawl last night between the Sens and the Sabres. The absolute best thing about hockey brawls is that the goalies are compelled by hockey tradition to fight each other even though they probably never crossed each other’s paths the entire game. Ray Emery gets the nod for this brawl because not only does he dispatch with Martin Biron, he then turns his sights on Sabres goon Andrew Peters. They always say goalies are a little wacko. Emery is just deranged.

Don’t forget to check out our favorite Buffalo site Bfloblog for their reaction to the brawl.

[Toss in the Towel]: Ray Emery Fights Biron AND Peters! He’s Crazy…And I love It!

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One reply on “Ray Emery leads a good old fashioned hockey brawl”

Awesome… — Three fonts where this makes me happy.

  1. My point about the instigator rule is proven.
  2. That punk Chris Neil got his butt handed to him.

However, I’m a fan of Drury, and it sucks that he had to go down like that.

It was a cheap shot, but Dru should have kept his head up.

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