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Yep Notre Dame girls sure are ugly

Hey coach, how many hot
chicks are there at ND?

Finally, a high school student that has his priorities straight! Kyle Jackson signed with Georgia Tech because he didn’t like the look of the co-eds in South Bend.

Notre Dame didn’t exactly have the best-looking chicks.

Not that they were ugly, but they were not what I was looking for. There’s a big difference between Southern girls and all the others.

We didn’t know this but the girls of Notre Dame as so notoriously ugly that in 2002, a senior girl wrote a letter to the Notre Dame newspaper about it. Who knew? (Well, apparently everyone at Michigan.)

We love how college recruiting trips are the high school equivalent of walking into a strip club and deciding whether the chicks are hot enough to stay for 4 years. Sounds like Spike Lee wasn’t too far from the truth when he had Jesus Shuttlesworth in that dorm room with Buffy and Suzie. Or check out this post from Every Day Should Be Saturday.

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2 replies on “Yep Notre Dame girls sure are ugly”

ND Co-Eds — Maybe Kyle Jackson’s standards are messed up.  Start girls are more interesting in ways unimagined by someone of Kyle’s supposed brain power.  I’ll take a decent looking smart chick to a stupid super model any day.  Stupid southern chicks don’t really have much to offer after uttering the southern mating call, “Y’all, I’m so drunk!”  Nd doesn’t want a guy who is probably going to end up in jail for date rape, because he’s stupid and looking for stupid chicks.  The females at ND are women with decent to very good looks, plus brains and ambition.  That’s a lot more attractive than some stupid southern coed looking to be scored on by some Michael Irvin type of drug lord.

ND Chicks — Yeah, Anyone who has seen the California or Florida contingent at ND will attest to both great looks and brains.  Sorry Kyle, and anyone believing the “ugly” stereotype.  You are all idiots and will be eliminated once survival of the smartest takes place.  ND Women are the best!

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