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Bad Rumor Alert: Parcells to the Giants?

Remember that “false rumor mongerer” Adam Schefter, the one who predicted that the Raiders would fire Art Shell after one season? Well, he’s got a new rumor floating about: The Giants are trying to lure Parcells back to the NY Giants as GM.

Schefter is reporting that, even though it’s a long shot, the Giants are considering hiring Bill Parcells to come in and clean house. However, an artile in the Star-Ledger (NJ) claims that Bill Parcells was the one who contacted the Giants about becoming GM but the Giants said no thanks. NY wants someone to be there long term and with his age and recent wanderings, no one expects Parcells to be in his next (or current) job very long.

We would love to see Parcells back in the Big Apple. It would make for interesting press conferences and media coverage, not to mention the two times a year that the Giants go up against the Cowboys. Parcells leaving would also leave the door open for TO to blow up in Dallas and call his head coach a moron and say how he’s very happy to have the new head coach (Mike Martz/Denny Green/Bill Cowher/whoever) directing the offense and exploting what he “brings to the table”.

Alas… it is not to be. But can we all agree that there is no way in hell that Parcells and Owens will be on the same team next year? Or at least past the trade deadline next year.


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