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It’s time to dust off Dick Vitale

We are so excited about the college basketball season getting underway this year… that is, until we were reminded that along with college bball comes Dick Vitale. It’s like sitting through Freddie Prinze Jr to see Jessica Biel. (You know you saw Summer Catch.) Check out his column for USA Today:

Hey, it is time for college hoops, baby.
Are you kidding me? My passion just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I can’t wait for the middle of November and the start of my (insert number)th campaign on ESPN.

Somebody pinch me. Sitting at courtside for the best games in the land is like stealing money.

Man, I’m (insert current age), but I act like I’m 12 when I’m around some of the best college kids across America. This year there are so many story lines, so let me play a game of a Dozen Questions.

And then at some point he’ll mention Duke and put them in the top 10. There’s gotta be a Dick Vitale column generator out there like there is for Bill Simmons, right? In any case, college hoops is right around the corner…. kicking off with Vermont vs New Orleans? Talk about a let down. The NCAA has to get a little bit of the NFL hype.

Here are some links to get you in the mood:

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