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Hey, at least she didn’t say he was gay

It’s not easy being Paul Lo Duca right now. He’s going through a divorce and his wife claims he was unfaithful during their marriage. Of course, as a professional athlete, most people don’t even blink at the suggestion of infidelity. However, there is growing rumor that Lo Duca has a gambling problem.

The sources said Lo Duca also had gambling debts, accumulating a big enough tab that Mets management was aware of it. The morals clause within Major League Baseball doesn’t prohibit a player from gambling at casinos or race tracks, but the league becomes concerned when one of its players runs up unmanageable gambling debts.

That’s because unmanageable debts lead to some guy saying “hey, throw this game and we’ll wipe out 10% of it…” and then all hell breaks loose. Lo Duca insists that he only gambles on horses and that all his wagers were legal.

His estranged wife said, “I just want my privacy. I want what’s best for my daughter.” This is a little odd consider she and Paul are expected to go on WFAN today to discuss their divorce. Perhaps someone has changed the definition of privacy and didn’t notify us.

[NY Daily News]: Mets star: You bet it’s legal!

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