Odd and Ends (06.29.06): Ref who gave 3 yellow cards before tossing playing quits

Now was it 2 or 3
yellows = red?

Remember the ref that gave three yellow cards to a player in the same match before tossing him? He’s decided to call it quits from international competition. He had considered quitting entirely but decided that he would keep making mistakes in the English Premiere League. We wish this would happen more often in the NBA and the NFL — we’d certainly get rid of some of the worst refs in sports. Sadly, the NBA and the NFL retains refs like Michael Vick does herpes. They’re with you until someone dies.

In other news…

[Sign OnSanDiego]: Adidas has sold 15 million World Cup balls since debut at about $120 a pop.

[SI]: Another example of a kid making us look bad — a 12-year-old gets two hole-in-ones in one round.

[Wages of Wins Journal]: It was Isiah Thomas’ fault, not Larry Brown’s

[Beerleaguer]: Why, and how, Phillies GM Pat Gillick will hand in his resignation after one season.

[There’s your Karma]: When did Andy Roddick pose for a gay magazine?

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