Croatian fan runs on to the field during match with Brazil

During the Brazil-Croatia match yesterday, a fan wearing a Croatian jersey and blue jeans jumped over a 2 foot moat, eluded security and ran on to the field…sorry, pitch. The man was charged with trespassing and for bodily harm because he hit a steward. He will also be banned from future World Cup matches and fined $1,200.

A Croatian forward calmly escorted him off the field to waiting security. The saving grace is that he was fully clothed and we weren’t subjected to an ugly naked man with a casino domain written on his ass.

They should award a point to the team that hits a fan who runs on the field in the head with the ball and extra points for knocking him out. That would increase ratings at least 1000%.

Two flares also went off in the Croatian section of the stadium even though security had confiscated 823 flares from spectators. There was no way the Croatians were going to beat Brazil who haven’t lost an opening game match since the dawn of time, so the fans decided to have a little extra fun.

[Boston Herald]: Fan on field exposes flaws in security net


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