ESPN gets it wrong… again


We try to keep our ESPN bashing to a minimum but today’s Daily Quickie focuses on the reception that Billy Wagner will get upon his return to Philly tonight. The Big 5 today is a list of the most hated athletes in Philly. T.O.? Check. Billy Wagner? Check. Kobe? Check. Tom Brady? What? Tom Brady? Can someone tell Dan Shanoff’s that just because his life revolves around the New England Patriots doesn’t mean everyone else’s does.

Tom Brady doesn’t even register in the top 50 of athletes Philly fans hate. The comment “Everything the city isn’t” is just Dan Shanoff looking down on the city of Philadelphia. So Philly isn’t a winner, good looking, nailing hot actresses? Neither are you, Shanoff.

Here are some suggestions on some other athletes that should’ve made the list:

  • J.D. Drew: refused to play for the Phillies
  • Scott Rolen: left town and called St. Lous “baseball heaven”
  • Brett Favre: too much hype, hasn’t delivered in years
  • Tie Domi: once got into a fight with with a Flyers fan in the penalty box


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