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Odds and Ends for Fri Apr 28 2006: Bush house scandal getting hairier

(What? It’s Friday. We can’t make a bad joke in the headline?)

It seems that Reggie’s parents were supposed to pay $4,500 a month in rent but never paid because they didn’t have the money. Of course, no one seemed to worry about it because they knew that the $54,000 in back rent was chump change for the future #1 pick’s family. The lawyer for Michael Michaels, one of the founders of the failed New Era Sports & Entertainment has said he plans on filing a $3.2 million fraud lawsuit against Bush and his family. Concidentally, the NFLPA is investigating and extortion charge against David Caravantes, another shady figure in the whole scandal.

Meanwhile, Reggie Bush said that his family moved out not because of the Yahoo story hitting the wires but because they simply found a better place to live. We’re sure they have.

In other news…

[James Mirtle]: It’s not a cool a recreation as Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, but James Mirtle recreates Saku Koivu’s eye injury. Poor taste? Maybe. Pretty damn funny? Yes.

[]: Keith Foulke thinks he should have the ball from the final out in the 2004 World Series. And he wants his damn shoes back too.

[AP]: Olympic gold medalist Tim Montgomery was arrested in connection with a mutlimillion-dollar bank fraud and money laundering scheme. Run Timmy run.

[USA Today]: Sometimes we wish the Sixers would do the same thing.

This isn’t real right? Right?

Real Odd of the day: 50-1 that Rafael Palmeiro confesses to using other drugs.

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