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Report: Houston Texans will take Mario Williams #1

Confirmed: Texans sign Mario Williams

Fox Sports is reporting that the Texans have told Mario Williams’ people that they are taking him #1 overall and the two sides are hammering out a pre-draft deal.

This would be the biggest shock in the Draft since the Colts took Edgerrin James over Ricky Williams. Of course, that actually turned out well for the Colts. But answer this: who is going to pay money to see Mario Williams?

If this comes to pass, maybe we were wrong about these people. And maybe about Whitney Houston too.

By Vin

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4 replies on “Report: Houston Texans will take Mario Williams #1”

they are insane — What in the world were the Texans thinking by taking Mario Williams? He is another Courtney Brown just waiting to happen. I had never even heard of him until AFTER the season ended. Who is this guy? Why is he so great? Why not trade down? How about Bush or Young, two of the greatest college offensive players in recent history? This is a waste of a pick.

Yeah — If you’re not going to take Bush, why not take Ferguson? Stabilizing the O-line is never a bad thing to do. I didn’t know too much about Williams either, but he’s apparently a monster. But still, when this broke, the first two words that popped into my head were:
Big Daddy.

exactly — the Texans O-line is a revolving door.  They need someone to help protect David Carr, not someone to get to the opposing QB.

I still don’t understand this pick.  I can’t wait to hear what Mel Kiper has to say.

I just saw Bob McNair on NFL Network — explaining the pick.  They thought it was more important to shore up the defense than it was to take Bush.  They felt they could sign both of them.

This pick is all on Kubiak.  He might have singlehandedly ruined the franchise.

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