College Football

Ball boy blunder at bowl game befuddles billions

After watching the wildest college football season in history unfold over the previous months, nobody wanted the wackiness to end with the regular season. Well, one person might be wishing for a more mundane postseason contest.

Mack Brown’s stepson got really, really lucky on that one because if Arizona State rallied back to beat the Horns, Chris Jessee might be tarred and feathered on Sixth Street in downtown Austin minutes after the team charter lands. Luckily for Brown, Jessee and the Longhorn faithful, all ended well in Pacific Life Holiday Bowl for Texas and the tar and feathers will be packed away for now, patiently waiting for the next loss to Oklahoma or Texas A&M. At least we all learned something from this unbelievable brain fart: Kirk Herbstreit has eyes like a hawk!

College Football

Texas Longhorns fans toast to `Oklahoma Sucks Beer’

If an Oklahoma fan literally ripping the balls off a Longhorns fan doesn’t make this one of the most heated rivalries in all of sports, then a gimmicky beer will do the trick.

For two months a year, Independence Brewing Co. in Austin churns out a different kind of beer. A burnt orange brewski, also know as “Oklahoma Sucks Beer.”

The idea for this beer came about last year, when the husband-and-wife owners of the brewery found out an Oklahoma brewer was making a Texas Sucks Beer.

They say it’s all in good fun, but it’s a good profit, too. This year they’ve sold five times the amount they did last year.

At Bubba’s Country Store in South Austin, manager Vic Patton has put out his second shipment in as many days.

“Oh, I give it about a half-hour, and it’ll be gone!” Patton said. “This is the beer they want to drink before the Texas-O.U. game, this kind of tops it off!

And just think, when you get so drunk that you pee your pants in the Cotton Bowl stands on Saturday afternoon, instead of just being considered a lightweight, you’re burnt orange urine will be the ultimate show of team spirit.


[]: Longhorn Fans Brew Their Pride Into Burnt-Orange Beer