College Basketball

Odds and Ends: Forget 2008, 2009 March Madness is upon us

We don’t even have one game of this year’s tournament under our belts yet and already the NCAA is about to start accepting application for the 2009 Final Four in Detroit. Of course, when tickets are as hot as Final Four tickets are you need to get on the ball early. You know what they say; the early bird catches all the early bird specials.

The cheapest tickets will cost $150, which is a bargain: Tickets to next month’s games in San Antonio are selling online for $2,500 or more.

In other news…

[]: It’s an ass whooping no matter what language it’s in.

[The 700 Level]: Phillies have “Bring Your Marmoset Monkeys To Work Day.”

[Balls Deep Sports]: Don’t worry, Terry Bradshaw remains zany after the football season is over.

[]: Charles Barkley can relate to Allen Iverson’s return to Philadelphia.

[The Big Lead]: Mark Cuban, Now Directing Hatred at MMA Writers.

[Golf Spelled Backwards*]: So funny we forgot to laugh.

[]: Terrelle Pryor is not for hire anymore. Sorry Big Blue.

[]: Shocking Brett Favre news out of Green Bay. He’s planning to return to Lambeau…sorta.

NFL General

Terry Bradshaw sets the stage for a good ol’ "That’s what she said"

When we first heard that Terry Bradshaw dropped an F-bomb during the Super Bowl pregame show, we were like “Whoa! Dude! How’d we miss that?” Then we realized that FOX‘s coverage started at like 3:30 a.m., so then we were like “Whoa! Dude! How’d we miss that?” *Sigh* We really have no lives.

Hey, it could have been a whole lot worse.

NFL General

The reports of Terry Bradshaw’s demise greatly exaggerated

I’m alive dammit!

We kinda like but they really screwed the pooch this time. On Thursday, they ran a story with the headline “Terry Bradshaw Dead?” which said, “We’re picking up some unconfirmed reports from diverse sources that… Terry Bradshaw died in a car accident on Thursday.”

Listen, PFT, just because you put a question mark in the headline and say it’s from “unconfirmed sources” doesn’t mean it’s any less irresponsible. PFT makes a good living making up shit… er… reporting on rumors… but you can’t post a rumor that someone is dead. (For the record, Terry Bradshaw isn’t dead, he’s just on vacation.)

One possible source of the rumors is that a TV station in Louisiana reported an accident on the Terry Bradshaw Passway and it was interpreted as Terry Bradshaw passed away. How about a little fact checking? And people wonder why traditional journalists hate bloggers.

By the way, the guy who publishes PFT ran a post where he actually ends up blasting traditional journalists for blasting him cause he screwed up. Now that, friends, is chutzpah… or self-delusion.

[Philly Daily News]: Blogged to Death