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MLB says screw the cable subscribers

MLB has completed a seven-year, $700M deal with DirecTV. A deal that was so bad for the fan, it caught the eye of Senator John Kerry. “Extra Innings” had more than 500,000 television subscribers last year and only 5,000 would be frozen out by the new deal because they can’t get satellite service.

However, everyone had been in an uproar because anyone who doesn’t have DirecTV would have to switch from their cable providers. DirecTV and MLB tried to address those concerns by allowing cable providers the same package if it could match the terms of the deal with DirecTV. Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen. IN Demand’s president said the terms were impossible and called it a “defacto exclusive deal”.

While we feel for MLB fans and we think there should be more choices and not less, what about NFL fans? DirecTV and the NFL have been holding us hostage for years. Where was the senatorial media posturing when that deal was struck? Anyway, back to Extra Innings. May we suggest that you completely screw DirecTV and switch to the web based version. Sure the quality isn’t as good but you get to watch the day games at work.

[Boston Herald]: DirecTV strikes MLB deal


Beckham (Victoria) gets U.S. reality show

The Beckhams’ attempted cultural takeover of America has begun. It has been confirmed that Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice has signed a deal to star in a reality show…er… “unscripted comedy series” about the Beckhams’ move to LA when David Beckham suits up for the LA Galaxy this summer. It’s your standard fish out of water premise, you know, just like Fresh Prince of Bel Air but with spoiled rich white people. Hilarity ensues.

Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol is set to produce and the show will be on NBC.

(Fuller) has so much success around the world with his TV shows and the respect and trust of everybody he works with.

This show is really something different. It’s pushing the boundaries, and I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people.

Why do celebrities always say their next project is going to “surprise a lot of people”. Listen, it’s going to surprise no one. The show will not push any boundaries. Victoria takes her kids out. Victoria goes to a Galaxy practice. Victoria goes to the spa. Victoria takes a wrong turn and ends up in a bad neighborhood in a very special episode of “Being Beckham”…

We’re sure America will tune in. Both the sports geeks and the starfuckers will be all over this at the get go. The question is whether it’s interesting enough to outlast Bonds on Bonds.

[SF]: Beckham Reality Show Confirmed

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Chris Rock is psychic

The payoff comes at the end but damn it’s uncanny isn’t it?

P.S. Chris Rock is a genius.