College Football

Mike Leach break his arm while bicycling…wait, bicycling??

We always took Leach as a scooter
guy for some reason.

Oddly enough our oddball injury of the day goes to one of college football’s biggest oddities, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. We’d like to say that it involves a pirate ship, a parrot and a plank, but that would just be wishful thinking.

Leach said today (Monday) he broke a bone in his right arm. He hit the pavement after falling from his bicycle Friday.

Leach says he got a flat tire and tried to fill it with enough air to make it to his destination, but “it proceeded to run out of air. I took a routine turn, then went into a slide, so then it broke the arm.

While Leach takes the cake for stupidest boo-boo, Limas Sweed gets the nod for most demoralizing Big 12 injury.

Just days after losing to rival Oklahoma, the Longhorns wide receiver found out that his college career is over. Sweed needs surgery to repair ligament damage in his wrist stemming from a preseason incident.

I knew it was an injury I would be dealing with going into the season and I did everything I could to play through the pain and help the team,” Sweed said.

“I’ve aggravated it a couple of times and again last week and have probably been in more pain than I let anybody know,” he added.

If you thought Mack Brown was throwing a fit after Colt McCoy took a late hit in the game against Oklahoma, you know that the furniture is flying in his office today. After all, considering Texas’ running game is virtually nonexistent, without Sweed in the lineup, Brown chances of Leachin’ it up and getting 500+ yards per game through the air just lost all sorts of steam.


[]: Texas Tech coach Leach breaks arm in bicycle crash
[]: Horns lose Sweed to wrist injury

Tampa Bay Lightning

Dan Boyle’s skate gets revenge for the months of thick, cheesy foot odor

Dan Boyle of the Tampa Bay Lightning is going to be out of commission for the next four to six weeks after having surgery on Sunday. You might be thinking that his injury was a broken arm or leg, torn ACL, missing eyeball or something else real `manly.’ Well, the injury was gross and painful in nature, but we’re not too sure how `manly’ it is to slice yourself up with your own skate.

Boyle got hurt in a freak locker room accident Saturday night after the Lightning’s 2-1 preseason loss to Washington. The defenseman was distracted while hanging up his skate. The skate slipped off the hook and hit Boyle in his left wrist, severing three tendons.

Frankly, we’re surprised that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen more often. After all, these guys are flying around on slippery ice with razorblades attached to their feet. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen if you ask us. But you don’t have to take our word for it, Mr. Most Gruesome Sports Injury will inform you all about the inherit dangers associated with hockey.


[Fox Sports]: Loose skate severs three tendons

Portland Trailblazers

Trail Blazers can’t catch a break, Greg Oden is going under the knife

Could this improper footwork have
caused the knee injury?

Scary, scary, scary, scary, did we say scary news out of Portland for all you Trail Blazers fans out there. Rookie soon-to-be phenom Greg Oden injured his right knee and is scheduled to undergo exploratory surgery on Thursday. Apparently, Oden has been having some pain in the knee for some time and doctors believe that he may have some cartilage issues.

We’re no doctors, but when you’re the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft and you’re having surgery before you ever play in a regular season game then it can’t be good. With only about a month-and-a-half until the season kicks off, there have got to be some seriously sweaty palms in Portland. After all, with a healthy Kevin Durant right down the road reminding them of what they passed on, a serious injury to the cornerstone of the Blazers would be devastating.

But we shouldn’t be getting all doom and gloom on the situation just yet, after all he recovered just fine from his tonsillectomy earlier in the year. Oh, wait, you don’t need your tonsils to battle for position down in the post against guys like Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan and Marcus Camby. Sorry, Portland, you should be holding you’re breath until the post surgery press conference with team physician Dr. Don Roberts.


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[]: Oden injures knee

Portland Trailblazers

Greg Oden is already skipping practice

The Portland Trailblazers knew that they would have to go through some growing pains when they drafted Greg Oden with the No. 1 pick last month, but they probably weren’t expecting this. Oden is expected to miss the remainder of the team’s summer league games because he has to have his tonsils removed. Geez, despite having the look of a 35-year-old, turns out that this kid really is just a kid.

The surgery date hasn’t been set yet, but Oden is expected to attend the ESPY awards before heading to the hospital and going under the knife. Recovery time is expected to be about two weeks; unfortunately, the Blazers don’t have two weeks to spare at the moment. Everyone knows that Oden has all the potential to be the next big thing in the NBA, but his first summer league game shows that he has a lot of work to do. In his debut, he picked up a whopping ten fouls!

Oh, well, we doubt that anyone in Portland is really worried about the fouls or the tonsils at the moment. After all, considering all the crap that city has gone through with their team over the last eight years or so, they’ll give their rookie all the rest and ice cream in bed that he can eat if it translates into a winning record and a shot at a postseason slot.


[]: Oden and tonsils: Out for summer