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Odds and Ends: If only Alycia Lane would grace us with some harmless banter

Alycia Lane’s publicist…er… the Philadelphia Inquirer had an interview today with Alycia Lane aka the chick who sent photos of herself in a bikini to Rich Eisen’s wife by mistake. In the interview, Lane tried to defend her photos as “harmless banter between to old friends, and not as an attempt to entire the Los Angeles-based Eisen or break up his marriage…”

Damn, we really gotta get to work on our harmless banter.  Don’t worry, Alycia, this won’t hurt your career one bit.  If anything, you can go national now. (hat tip: Sports By Brooks)

In other news…

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Who knew Rich Eisen was such a stud?

We’ve always liked Rich Eisen — he’s funny, goofy, and compared to his counterparts over at ESPN, he’s actually enjoyable. But we never really thought of Eisen as a ladies man. Still, when you’re getting emails from one of the hottest anchorwomen in Philly, you’re doing ok for yourself.

According to the NY Post, Alycia Lane sent a bunch of emails to Rich Eisen including some with photos of herself in a bikini. Unfortunately, she sent it to an email account that Rich shares with his wife. Doh! Eisen’s wife, Suzy Shuster, was not pleased and fired off a response to Lane:

Boy, do you look amazing in a bikini . . . congrats! Whatever you’re doing, (Pilates? yoga?) keep doing it – it’s working for you. Anyway, sorry but those seven e-mails you sent to my husband, Rich, well, oops, they came to the e-mail address we both use from time to time, but no worries, I’ll forward the beach shots as well as the ones of you dancing with your friends on to his main address. Do you have it?

Good for you Suzy! But remember, next time Suzy, don’t just reply to the email, cc us at [email protected]. We need to verify that Alycia Lane does in fact look amazing in a bikini.

We imagine Rich couldn’t have come out of it unscathed. Maybe he can interview various NY Giants for marital tips.