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Someone ought to tell this guy that potty breaks should coincide with commercial breaks

We’ve all heard the stories of what football players do when they, you know, gotta go. And we’ve shown you video of a soccer player who just couldn’t hold it, but don’t be fooled into thinking that nature only calls on athletes during the job.

Dean Blevins is a former ABC college football analyst and current a sports director for KWTV 9 in Oklahoma City and during a recent appearance on a radio show, he couldn’t wait for the commercial break and took a wiz while on the air. Of course, Blevins thought the incident took place off-air which makes it even funnier. You going to have to wait through about the first 1:50 of the clip before the broadcasted peeing occurs; hopefully, can hold out that long because Blevins certainly couldn’t.


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San Antonio Radio show fakes Iverson interview… what could go wrong?

Radio Producer: Hey, you know what would be a great idea? Let’s do a fake radio interview with Allen Iverson so we can make him sound like a thug and make ourselves sound racist in one fell swoop!

Radio Hosts: That sounds hilarious! Let’s make sure we mention Mexicans while we’re at it. And weed. Don’t forget weed.

We find most sports radio to be completely retarded and Jeff Vexler and Walter Pasacrita at KTKR down in San Antonio aren’t doing anything to change our minds. Last week, they did a skit of a mock interview with Allen Iverson that Spurs officials called “highly offensive and very inappropriate.” In the skit, Iverson (we haven’t heard the skit itself but are willing to bet dollars to donuts that “Iverson” was speaking in an exaggerated urban accent) talks about providing the Spurs with some weed, looking for sex with Mexican women, and firing a gun into the air to celebrate being picked #1 in the NBA draft.

We thought the Imus situation was completely overblown but these two guys have to be complete idiots to think that skit would fly. You get the feeling that if they had a TV show, they’d do the interview with some guy in blackface as Iverson. Now, some of you might think the world is getting too PC but this skit is offensive not just because it’s borderline racist — even worse, it’s neither funny nor original.

The Spurs won’t revoke the hosts’ press credentials but they are pulling Greg Popovich’s weekly appearances on the station.

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