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First a beagle wins best in show and now this!

Hunting is foreign to us. We’ve never sat in a tree for hours on end, waiting patiently for a turkey or a deer or a pig to cross our path so we could pump it full of lead. Bobby Knight might love it, but it just isn’t our cup of tea. However, we do love dogs. So, it was a big time shock to us to hear that bloodhounds aren’t the only dogs that come in handy when you’re out in the woods looking for game. Turns out that god’s cruel joke on the world of canines are actually blood thirsty beasts.

Poodles were the original hunting dog, brought to Eastern Europe from Asia. They just took a wrong turn when they came to the U.S.,” said Eileen Jaskowski, among a handful of breeders determined to set the direction straight.

This may seem a strange quest to anyone whose perception of poodles starts with velvet cushions and ends with rhinestone collars. But Jaskowski is dead serious — as illustrated by an excited dog with a mallard clutched in its teeth.

Wow, talk about an eye opener. Who knew? What’s next, is someone going to tell us that pugs are ideal for mountain top rescues if you latch a keg of brandy under their necks?


[Denver]: Poodles ready to hunt