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Maggie the Monkey picks the 2007 NHL playoffs – round 1

We love Maggie the Monkey around here. Even though she picked the Oilers to win the Cup last year, she has done an overall excellent job picking the NHL playoffs. She basically proves what we all know: that a monkey spinning a wheel could do just as well as an expert in picking games and series. We actually have no problem with the TSN folks so it’s too bad a monkey consistently beats them out. We wish Maggie would pick NFL games too because we are convinced that she would beat Merrill Hoge easily.

Well, without further ado, here are Maggie’s picks for the 2007 NHL playoffs:

Detroit vs Calgary: Detroit
Anaheim vs Minnesota: Minnesota
Vancouver vs Dallas: Vancouver
Nashville vs San Jose: Nashville
Buffalo vs NY Islanders: Buffalo
New Jersey vs Tampa Bay: New Jersey
Atlanta vs NY Rangers: Atlanta
Ottawa vs Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh

The Minnesota over Anaheim and Thrashers over Rangers isn’t looking very good right now but keep the faith, Maggie gets stronger as the playoffs go on. And the playoff beard is impressive.

[TSN]: NHL Playoff Picks

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Hope Springs Eternal aka Opening Day

Ahhhh opening day, when even Cubs and Royals fans have hope for the upcoming season.  Well, in the case of the Royals, it might be delusion.  Then again, nobody thought the Tigers had much of a shot last year either.  

The Mets officially kicked it out yesterday by beating the Cards but today is the real opening day for the rest of baseball.  Here is a rundown of the 2007 MLB Predictions and Previews from major sports sites and around the blogosphere:

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And if that’s still not enough for you, here are more previews than you can shake a stick at.

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Maggie the Monkey picks the Edmonton Oilers

2-0 in the conference finals

The NHL finals start tonight and Maggie the Monkey has picked the Oilers to win it all. Vegas (and most of the media) has the Hurricanes at -140 favorites but don’t let that fool you. Maggie was 2-0 in the conference finals and the only TSN expert to pick the Oilers. The TSN guys have learned their lesson and are going to Maggie’s pick as well.

Don’t doubt the monkey.

[]: Monkey Business 2006

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Maggie the Monkey picks the conference championships

3-1 in second round

Maggie the Monkey went 3-1 in the 2nd round, only getting the Ottawa over Sabres pick wrong and leads all the TSN experts throughout the playoffs (7-5). For the conference championship round, Maggie takes Carolina and Edmonton. So far so good for Edmonton but the Carolina pick might be in trouble.

Good luck, Maggie. We got $5 on you.

[]: Monkey Business 2006

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Your surefire triple-word-score Kentucky Derby picks

Bob and John is our Derby pick

OK. So the “theory of scrabbletivity” didn’t work for the Super Bowl. (Or perhaps it would have if not for the Seahawks getting jobbed by Bill Leavy… not that we’re still bitter about that or anything.) We think the TOS has to work for something, so why not the Kentucky Derby? After all, all the experts end up being wrong about 1000% of the time.

Here you go folks. When you win the Superfecta, make sure you send us a tip.

Win: Bob and John (15-1)
Place: Sweetnorthernsaint (8-1)
Show: Steppenwolfer (35-1)
Um.. whatever comes after Show: Brother Derek (9-2)

Here’s the full list:

Horse Odds Scrabble Word score
Bob and John 15-1 25
Sweetnorthernsaint 8-1 24
Steppenwolfer 35-1 23
Brother Derek 9-2 22
Point Determined 15-1 21
Jazil 35-1 21
Keyed Entry 40-1 21
Cause to Believe 50-1 21
Private Vow 50-1 21
Deputy Glitters 100-1 21
Flashy Bull 125-1 21
Sharp Humor 40-1 20
Sinister Minister 18-1 18
Showing Up 30-1 18
Bluegrass Cat 40-1 17
Lawyer Ron 6-1 15
Storm Treasure 60-1 15
Seaside Retreat 200-1 15
A.P. Warrior 18-1 14
Barbaro 7-1 11

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Maggie the Monkey picks the 2006 NHL playoffs

A good a system as any

Ever since Eric McErlain from Off Wing Opinion joined us for the weekly podcast last week, we’ve been all over the NHL playoffs. And we’ve been rewarded with some damn exciting games over the weekend — a couple of double-overtime games, 8-1 upsets — we remember now why the NHL playoffs are better than the NBA playoffs.

In researching the experts picks for the series, we learned that Maggie the Monkey is the doyen of NHL prognosticators. Maggie, from Canadian sports network TSN, came into fame when she was the only expert on TSN to pick the Ducks to upset the Red Wings in 2003. She regulary does as well as any of the talking heads.

Oh, in case you didn’t know, Maggie picks the teams by throwing feces onto a board. Wait, no, that’s Darren Pang. Maggie spins a wheel.

Here are Maggie’s picks for the first round this year.

Tampa Bay (8) over Ottawa (1)
Carolina (2) over Montreal (7)
New York Rangers (6) over New Jersey (3)
Buffalo (4) over Philly (5)
Detroit (1) over Edmonton (8)
Colorado (7) over Dallas (2)
Calgary (3) over Anaheim (6)
San Jose (5) over Nashville (4)

So far so good for Maggie. We’ll update you after the first round.

[]: Monkey Business 2006