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Isn’t sexy NFL coach an oxymoron?

There is no doubt about who the sexiest man in the NFL is. It’s Tom Brady with his twinkling eyes, tanned skin, flowing locks and rugged good looks. Uh, at least that’s what the ladies tell us. But have you ever wondered who the sexiest coach in the NFL is? Bill Belichick? Nope. Wade Phillips? Negative. Mike Holmgren? Tony Sparano? Andy Reid? Tom Coughlin? No, no, no and hell no.

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is the sexiest coach prowling the NFL sidelines, according to Victoria’s Secret.

The company has an annual “What Is Sexy List” in various categories. This year, because Victoria’s Secret has its first Super Bowl commercial since 1999, it decided to do an NFL sexy list.

A Victoria’s Secret panel looked at factors including general attractiveness and charisma, and when it came to coaches, Tomlin came out on top.

In case you’re wondering, rumor has it Stan Van Gundy and George Karl are neck and neck in the NBA’s equivalent. The winner joins Frank Layden, Dennis Rodman, Kurt Rambis and Popeye Jones in the NBA’s Sexy Hall of Fame.


[]: Tomlin `sexiest coach’ in NFL

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Mike Tomlin resurrects Coors Light’s ad campaign

We understand that everyone is getting sick and tired of watching those crappy Coors Light commercials where they interweave footage of press conferences with dopes drinking beer. After all, you can’t go a quarter without seeing Bill Parcells at least eight times. But don’t give up all hope on the campaign just yet. Turns out there’s a new version with Mike Tomlin making the rounds that will make you forget all about the horrible Jimmy Johnson hair pieces.


[]: Mike Tomlin – Coors Light Parody