Annika vs. Michelle: Let’s get it on!

Despite being a horrendous golfer, Michelle Wie continues to get the hype. But now she’s finally starting to face some harsh criticism as well. Especially after a suspicious wrist injury forced her to withdraw from the Ginn Tribute as she came perilously close to breaking 88; had she broke the magic number it would have prevented her from playing for the remainder of the year. Oh, but that wrist was good enough to smack some balls over the weekend at Bulle Rock.

So, it starts with the fibbing of an injury here and there and before you know it we’ve got the next Lindsay Lohan on our hands. But before we look too far into the future, we want to focus on the present because Annika Sorenstam just put a verbal smack down on the teenybopper.

I just feel that there’s a little bit of lack of respect and class just to leave a tournament like that and then come out and practice here,” said Sorenstam, who soldiered on for four days despite returning from a back and neck injury.

“It’s a little funny that you pull out with an injury and then you start grinding. My doctor told me to rest.

Ohhhh, burn! What you got to say about that Wie?

I’m going through a hard time,” she said. “It’s my first time facing an injury.”

Asked about Sorenstam’s criticism, Wie said nothing was said to her and she had nothing to say back.

“I don’t think I need to apologize for anything,” she said. “I just have to take care of my body and move forward and only think of positive things.

You know what this means, right? Cat fight!!!!!!!!


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Odds and Ends: Can we put a moratorium on Michelle Wie coverage?

Al Czervik is more interesting that Wie

The latest headline from ESPN says that “Michelle Wie getting buried at 84 Lumber“. As of press time she is 13 over par. So besides the fact that she’s young and (fairly) good, what is the fascination with Michelle Wie? How did it become that her losing was news? When Tiger Woods loses it is news because he’s earned that right. He is so dominant that an off day like the one he had at the Match Play Championship is newsworthy. (By the way, Bill Simmons has a great article on Tiger Woods that reminded us how good Bill Simmons can be when he’s not writing about the Red Sox or the Yankees.) But Michelle Wie? Please. She hasn’t won a single thing since she announced she was going pro.

We are proposing a moratorium on the Michelle Wie coverage. It’s never going to happen though. People don’t call ESPN the Worldwide Leader in Hype for no reason.

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And finally, via Twin Cities, Minnesota, a video of Brad Johnson throwing a TD to himself in 1997.

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Odds and Ends: Sometimes the internet sucks

The internet is a wonderful place — news, information, hot chicks, Borat clips… But sometimes it absolutely sucks. Like when a sportsbook decides to shut down their operations and keep everyone’s money. (Sports Business News) is “moving their operations” but what that really means is that they’re kaput. We’d be seriously surprised if they came back online. Remember folks, online sports betting is not without its risks.

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Miami Heat

Odds and Ends for Tues May 16 2006: Miami Heat Dancers in FHM

It was only a matter of time after winning the dance team tournament that the Miami Heat Dance team would end up in a men’s magazine. FHM has a few members of the team in the obligatory bikini poses. Most interesting is this tidbit:

Karelix on hazing “If you do make the team, the veterans are usually nice. One year, though, we made all the new girls wear Depends during an entire rehearsal.

Too bad we can’t substitute the Miami Dance team for the Northwestern Soccer team. Hey, like we said before, we don’t make up the rules.

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Michelle Wie finally makes the cut

It ain’t the PGA tour but Michelle Wie became the first woman to make the cut in a major men’s tour in 61 years. She shot a three-under 69 in the second round to finish 5 under and 6 strokes behind the lead. Pfffft that’s it? On Tiger Woods 2005 on the Xbox, we’re usually 10 under after two rounds.

While this is great for publicity, we look forward to a day when Michelle not making the cut is news. She’s only 16 (Yes, Charlie Sheen, she’s only 16.) so she’s got plenty of time to develop her game. Perhaps we should lay off the constant coverage until she’s actually good enough to play on the PGA Tour as she aspires to.

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