Atlanta Falcons

Joey Harrington is not gay, but his fans are

People having been calling Joey Harrington `gay’ for years now; not because of his sexual orientation, but because of his limp wrist release and a tendency to go down in flames. Well, the often ridiculed Harrington’s odyssey has landed him in Atlanta where he will have a chance to become the metrosexual face of a now faceless franchise. And according to, Harrington has a whole slew of new fans in Hotlanta that are more than willing to accept him into their backfield for years to come, if you know what we mean. (wink, wink) Here are a couple of their comments:

Mike Horton, a gay football fan in Atlanta who roots for the New England Patriots, says Harrington may change his perspective and prompt him to give the Falcons a second look: “It’s interesting what an extreme opposite Harrington is to our previous quarterback. I like the fact that he’s suave and polished, but boy, is he pretty. I think I might try to make a few more games this year.

Brian Johnson, a gay University of Georgia graduate who lives in Atlanta, is “primarily a college football fan – 99%,” but the “other 1% is saved for Joey Harrington and the Falcons. … “I’m a Falcons fan only because I was born and raised here,” he said. “But I wouldn’t say I get upset when they lose. Harrington is hot. He is much better looking than Michael Vick, much easier on the eyes and the dogs.

Uh, Mr. Johnson (if that is your real name), we really hope your talking about pit bulls and not making reference to the ol’ twig and berries (hey, callin’ `em “dogs” in our office is pretty tame). Not only would that be really disgusting, but we don’t think his new wife would like to hear about how Joey makes your dogs bark.


[]: Gay fans back Joey Harrington in Atlanta