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Odds and Ends: Adidas unleashes its inner Nazi

Ever since Nike came up with their “Swoosh” logo, other shoe companies have desperately attempted to distinguish themselves with a similarly iconic symbol. Most, if not all, have failed to even breath the same air as Nike when it comes to logos and it’s primarily because of ideas like this one.

Adidas has released a cross-promotional ad campaign overseas with their mobile pals Au and there seems to be something distinctly haunting about their new graphic. Do you see it? There. Look. It’s smacking you right in the face like a Nazi World War II SS lightning bolt logo. Oh, well there you have it. Apparently this has gone unnoticed, but Adidas–a German company–is probably aware.

In other news…

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And finally, rapping about the F.U.P.A. Totally not safe for work or kids.

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Step aside Justin Timberlake, the dance world has a new J.T.

The latest cast of Dancing With the Stars was announced on Monday and, as usual, there were some sports figures gracing the list; most notable was Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor. While we’d love to crack on Ja-Tay for learning the samba and salsa, there’s not much you can say to humiliate a guy who just spent a season sweating for one of the most pathetic teams in NFL history. And considering that his male competition consists of dorks like Penn Jillette, Steve Guttenberg and Adam Carolla, we figure Taylor stands a decent chance. Anyways, if Emmitt can do it, anybody has a realistic shot.

Oh, but the fun doesn’t end there. Some female sports stars also made the cut.

Kristi Yamaguchi and Monica Seles will be cutting rugs as well. Let’s just hope that DWS provides tighter security than those knuckleheads in Hamburg.


[]: `Dancing with the Stars’ Announces Season 6 Contestants

Miami Dolphins


It’s “Big JT”; what else can we say.

Okay, just so we’re clear; you did all of this for the Dolphins and Giants?

Miami Dolphins

Jason Taylor gets Paul Pierced

What exactly is going on in Florida and professional athletes? Last year, Jerome McDougal of the Eagles was shot in the stomach in Miami. Now, Jason Taylor gets stabbed in the arm in a road rage incident on his way home from church in Davie with his wife Katina. (Does anyone else thinks it’s weird that Jason Taylor married Zach Thomas’ sister and even though she’s really hot, she kinda looks like Zach Thomas?)

Luckily, Taylor was was only clipped in the arm and was fine enough to go ahead and play in Derrick Brooks’ charity golf game. Who the hell decides it’s a good idea to stab a 6’6″ 250 lb guy in the arm? We’d think that would only make him angrier. Good thing Jason has a cool head or the Dolphins would be looking at a manslaughter charge.

[Sun Sentinel]: Dolphins’ Taylor stabbed in road-rage incident