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$12.3 million could change anyone’s mind

Will the real Jake Plummer
please stand up

Jake Plummer recently, suddenly retired from the NFL. He was ready to move on to new and different aspects of reality outside of the sidelines. You can’t blame him for that; players can call it quits whenever they want. But now we’ll really see how badly Plummer wants to be out of the league.

$5.3 million dollars is sitting on the table, just waiting for Plummer to come and scoop up in return for another year of service in the league. If that’s not incentive enough, Jake the Snake faces a Ricky Williams type fight for his cash.

Plummer’s rights were traded to Tampa Bay earlier this month and if decides not to report to camp then there could be a $7 million tussle going on over prorated bonuses that Plummer received. And the task might not be very difficult; the Miami Dolphins took $8 million away from Williams after he abruptly retired to go on a spiritual journey of self enlightenment in Asia. At least Plummer shouldn’t be that difficult to find, but he might cause just as much of a ruckus when it comes to getting him back on the field.

I can’t sit here and discuss anything further,” he said. “But you don’t have to chase me around any more or speculate on what I’m going to be doing. There will not be a jersey that has an NFL patch . . . on my body.

We’ll see about that.



Boston Red Sox

Odds and Ends for Thu May 25 2006: Schilling is a charitable blowhard

Does it surprise anyone that Curt Schilling loves Curt Schilling? He had a video game character created in his likeness for EverQuest II. You know, the video game where dorks play for days at a time and some get so obsessed that they kill themselves after playing it. The only upside to this story is that everytime someone beats the Curt Schilling character (named Major Asshole Curt Schilling), Sony will donate $5 (up to $10,000… quite an underwhelming figure, actually) to the ALS Association. Next up, Schilling will digitally replace John Malkovich with himself in Being John Malkovich. (via Deadspin)

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Do not cut Jake Plummer off in traffic

roll up bitch!

Jake Plummer has been issued a summons for a “road rage type incident” that occured on April 20th. According to the victim, Doug Stone, a man driving a gray Honda van stopped at a red light, got out and kicked the front of Stone’s truck and then got back into this car and backed up into truck for 10 seconds causing minor damage.

A witness got the license plate and reported the incident to the police. The police investigated and the owner of the gray Honda van turned out to be Jason “Jake” Plummer. First of all, why does Jake Plummer drive a Honda? And second, his real name is Jason? That’s going to be confusing when Jay Cutler steals his job. Hmmm.. that’s probably why Jake is so angry these days.

Jake claims that it was not a road rage incident but rather just a minor accident that he didn’t report because he saw no damage on his car. Road Rage or accident? We want the truth, dammit!

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