Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo chokes under pressure once again

Tony Romo joined the ever-growing list of Chicago’s infamous vocal villains when he attempted to sing “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” at a Cubs game. Fortunately, for the eardrums of those in attendance, unlike Ozzy Osborne, Eddie Vedder and William Hung (not in Chicago, but still equally gut-wrenching), Romo pretty much gave up after “Take me out to the crowd.”

Wonder if maybe the choke job had something to do with his warm reception from the Cubbies faithful. Considering he’s dating Jessica Simpson, you’d figure her kid sister would have given him some pointers about performing in front of a brutally honest crowd. Remember the Orange Bowl?

NFL General

Is Jimmy Kimmel writing Emmitt Smith’s material?

We know that Emmitt Smith has 18,355 career rushing yards and 175 total touchdowns. And we know that he can do the salsa, the tango and probably even the Macarena. But those don’t involve the forming of coherent sentences.

We never thought anyone could make Stu Scott look appealing, but congrats E, you’ve made history again.


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