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This is what you missed while sleeping during the game

We know that when you plunk down good money for a ticket to a ballgame, you should be able to do whatever you want, within reason of course, while in your seat. You can cheer, you can boo, heck, you can even fall asleep if you so choose. But, if you decide to do the latter, be prepared to become the laughingstock of the stadium.

College Football

The Biggest Damn Dork In The Land

College football is just around the corner and everyone is beginning to wear their team colors proudly in anticipation of the upcoming season. But you’ve got your normal fans and then you’ve got your SUPER fans whose life’s mission is to honor their chosen university. Shawn Swick is one of those SUPER fan kinda guys.

Swick loves The Ohio State University so much that he turned one of his rooms into “The Best Damn Room In The Land” by recreating the hallowed Horseshoe with a room size mural that took 10 gallons of paint and one year to complete. The Buckeye freak says that he just loves the team and thought the idea was pretty cool.

Believe it or not, some people think that the room is completely stupid and this guy is off his rocker. No, really?

I’ve gotten responses saying this is a waste of time. This is a waste of money. I don’t really care,” Swick said.

So, really cool or really embarrassing; you be the judge:

We vote embarrassing.


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College Basketball

Ashley Judd officially has the brains to go with the beauty

After following in the footsteps of so many young ballers and deciding to turn pro early, one of our favorite college basketball fans is finally the owner of a bachelor’s degree in French. Willdcat super babe Ashley Judd had the opportunity to cross the stage on Sunday (it’s unclear if she actually did or not) with 4,000 other students after completing the one class she never finished before bolting for the big screen in 1990.

Confidentiality laws prevent the university from releasing how exactly Judd received her degree, most likely it was via correspondence, but can you imagine being some pimple faced freshman and having this bombshell walk into class and ask you “Is this seat taken?” We’re guessing that most would be reduced to grunts and head shaking.


[]: Ashley Judd graduates from the University of Kentucky

General Sports

We felt like doing the same thing to Joakim Noah

A soccer match is a cheap shot waiting to happen but it usually involves two players, not a player and a drunken spectator. Well, last night was the exception as an angry fan ran onto the pitch and took a swing at Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard while he celebrated with teammates. After a bit of a skirmish, the man was carried out of the stadium and straight to the local pokey on charges of encroachment and suspicion of assault. During the mêlée, another man made it on to the field and was immediately detained and arrested.

… maybe the security people slept a little bit. They could never believe the guy could come on to the pitch and chase my players. But it was no problem,” Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho told reporters. “They (security staff) have to be alert in future. Frank Lampard is ok. He’s happy with the victory. Everything else is secondary.

The security “slept a little bit”??? And the security was just a tad late when Monica Seles took a shank in the back. You’re lucky that he didn’t have a knife or your boy would probably have a hole or two in him, coach.


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