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The Heat repeat as the "fans favorite" dance team

Who could say “no” to these chicks?

We told you about the 2007 NBA Dance Team Bracket a few weeks ago, which is a playoff style competition between cheerleaders from around the league to determine who the fans favorite dance team was. Or, it could be described as what it really is, which is a contest to determine exactly which city sports the hottest babes in the least amount of clothes.

Not surprisingly, the masses went with the tanned and toned ladies of Miami for the second year in a row. And the repeat performance was even sweeter than last years title as the Heat dancers were never even challenged on their way to the trophy. In the Eastern Conference finals, the hotties from South Beach blew away the Raptors dancers by receiving 62 percent of the vote. Then in the finals Miami knocked off the West champion Rockets with 61 percent of the vote.

The way we see it, there are no losers in the tournament. In fact, Miami might have won the crown but we know that the true winner in this playoff is the entire male population. But if you go by the numbers, then the Los Angeles Clippers have the most unfavorite team in the league because they got bounced in the first round after receiving only 16 percent of the vote. Still, in our opinion, there’s not one dancer on that squad who is lacking lovely lady lumps.


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