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IUPUI coach goes shoeless for charity

About the only time Indian University-Purdue University Indianapolis gets any coverage in the mainstream world of sports is when people feel the need to make fun of the school’s acronym – IUPUI. But the Jaguars are getting some well deserved publicity after their coach put his best bare foot forward on Thursday, raising awareness for needy children in Africa.

IUPUI coach Ron Hunter was feeling footloose and fancy free as he paced the sidelines against Oakland (Mich.). Coaching barefoot, Hunter walked it like he talked it as he tried to collect at least 40,000 pairs of shoes to be donated to the less fortunate.

We’ve got great students here and I appreciate all of their support, not only from our students but from around the country. The people of this country have been so generous. I am really excited about it,” said Hunter.

“I’m hoping to reach 150 or 200,000 pairs. I would love to see us reach 500% of our original goal,” said Hunter.

That’s right, Hunter exceeded his 40,000 mark before tip off, collecting 110,000 pairs of shoes prior to the game even starting! There’s still no word from the Golden Grizzlies regarding whether the stench of all those shoes had an effect on their 82-69 loss in Indy.


[]: IUPUI coach barefootin’ for a good cause

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McFadden. Meet McFadden, buy his prehistoric Flintstones gear

It’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s Halloween costume. Most people will wait until the last minute and end up with some stupid Flintstones costume, but if you’re proactive then next year you could impress everybody at the big party with your stupid Flintstones’ costume that was once worn by Darren McFadden.

The Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble costumes Arkansas’ Bedrock backfield of Darren McFadden and Felix Jones sported on Halloween are going up for auction on Thursday afternoon with the proceeds going to charity.

The auction will be open for more than a week and will close on Friday, Nov. 16, at 3 p.m. Both costumes will be sold together and will include an autographed picture of Darren and Felix wearing the costumes.

The money from the auction will be split with half being donated to Darren’s hometown Boys and Girls Club in Little Rock, while the other half of the proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club in Felix’s hometown of Tulsa, Okla.

Both Darren and Felix donned the costumes on Halloween and attended classes, mingled with students and then met the media at the student union during lunch.

Uh-oh, this guy seems pretty uninhibited and he’s willing to make himself the butt of jokes. Watch your back, Clinton Portis; McFadden’s impending arrival to Sunday football could mean the end of your role as the league’s goofiest goofball.


[]: McFadden and Jones’ Halloween Costumes Go Up for Auction for Charity

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Video of Andre Agassi hitting Steffi Graf with a racket

Last week, we had a little blurb in the Odds and Ends section about Andre Agassi hitting Steffi Graf in the face with his racket on the follow through. Well, here’s the video of it from a person in the stands. A couple of thoughts: 1) It wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t doing something incredibly gay (we’re taking it back!) like holding hands while hitting; and 2) gotta love the enthusiasm of the PA guy “left handed!” as he hits her in the face — followed by silence.

(via Sports By Brooks)