Odds and Ends: Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr. – it could happen

The war for fighting supremacy between boxing and mixed martial arts has been going on for a while now and it looks like we might finally get a little clarification on the matter. NBC Sports is reporting that there are talks going on concerning a boxing bout between the UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and boxer Roy Jones Jr.

Alan Hopper, director of public relations for Don King Productions confirmed that talks are ongoing, and characterized them as “preliminary.”

“Roy likes the idea and is up for it,” Hopper said. “It’s being discussed. Roy will only agree if the match takes place under the rules of boxing, and UFC would have to clear Silva’s participation.

Making the fight a boxing match clearly gives the advantage to Jones Jr., but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an interesting contest. If the WWE‘s Big Show takes down Floyd Mayweather Jr. at WrestleMania and Silva knocks off Roy Jones Jr. then it could be nighty-night for boxing. It’s a black eye at the very least.

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San Antonio Spurs

"Being a Spur ain’t easy"

The Spurs might be four-time NBA champions, just don’t expect them to act like four-time NBA champions. In today’s fast paced, `Johnny come lately’ world we live in, athletes never know when the endorsement deals are going to simply shrivel up and blow away. So when they’re there you gotta grab `em; even if it means dressing up like a cowboy and pushing milk to the masses.

Hey, it was either do the cowboy thing or don the beatnik outfits again. Good choice guys.


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San Antonio Spurs

Brent Barry is really, really excited about getting his second ring

We know that it is hard to look forward to the NBA season when the pigskin is still flying, but the drama of professional hoops gets underway on Tuesday whether you watch it or not. However, before the refs can toss up the opening jump ball, there’s one small piece of business that has to be taken care of first. David Stern has some hardware to hand out.

But Stern might want to be careful whenever it comes time to give Brent `Bones’ Barry his ring. After all, when the Spurs got their 2005 rings from the commish, it was Barry that planted a big ol’ smooch on Stern.

Last time I got in a little bit of trouble for kissing him. I said something like him tasting flakey. It was like kissing my grandma. I don’t know if he took too kindly to that, but we had some fun,” Barry told “You only get that moment if you’re lucky – I mean you only get that moment once. Since I have it twice – I don’t know. Maybe I’ll look for some tongue.

If a French kiss is what happens after two rings, we’d hate to be Stern should San Antonio go for a repeat. Hmmm, maybe his refs can help him prevent that situation from occurring. Ah, never mind; that would imply the NBA is crooked and we all know better than that.


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