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Anderson Silva is officially the king of MMA

If anyone out there was foolish enough to doubt the power of Anderson Silva, they got a serious wakeup call on Saturday night upon witnessing the Spider step up in weight and waste James Irvin is about a minute.

Hey! Was that Mandy Moore?? We were distracted by the gigantic cut under Irvin’s eye and this wicked knockout.

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Brits believe Brazilian is UFC’s champ of champs

With the UFC headed to London soon for a Chuck Liddell-less pay-per-view, British tabloid The Sun decided to compile a list of their Top 10 UFC fighters. It was a good effort, but, in our opinion, they should stick to ranking the best cricket players because they apparently know as much about the UFC as they do dental hygiene.

10. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
9. Forrest Griffin
8. Wanderlei Silva
7. Matt Hughes
6. Rich Franklin
5. Quinton Jackson
4. Chuck Liddell
3. BJ Penn
2. Georges St. Pierre
1. Anderson Silva

These rankings are completely arbitrary, but one thing for certain about the world of MMA is that Frank Shamrock is one tough S.O.B.!


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Odds and Ends: Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr. – it could happen

The war for fighting supremacy between boxing and mixed martial arts has been going on for a while now and it looks like we might finally get a little clarification on the matter. NBC Sports is reporting that there are talks going on concerning a boxing bout between the UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and boxer Roy Jones Jr.

Alan Hopper, director of public relations for Don King Productions confirmed that talks are ongoing, and characterized them as “preliminary.”

“Roy likes the idea and is up for it,” Hopper said. “It’s being discussed. Roy will only agree if the match takes place under the rules of boxing, and UFC would have to clear Silva’s participation.

Making the fight a boxing match clearly gives the advantage to Jones Jr., but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an interesting contest. If the WWE‘s Big Show takes down Floyd Mayweather Jr. at WrestleMania and Silva knocks off Roy Jones Jr. then it could be nighty-night for boxing. It’s a black eye at the very least.

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Breaking down UFC 73: Stacked

It’s a trifecta of main event quality fights in what could be one of the most underrated UFC cards in a long time. These match-ups might not have a lot of glitter, but these are some hardnosed, straight forward fighters that are going to lay it all on the line Saturday night.

Two titles will be on the line as Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva will take on Nate Marquardt and Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk faces off with Hermes Franca in what should be a pair of explosive encounters. And that’s what the UFC is considering to be the warm up fights for the main event between the UFC’s longtime bad boy Tito Ortiz and Ultimate Fighter 2 winner Rashad Evans. It’s safe to say that this event is appropriately named because this card is indeed stacked from top to bottom.

When it comes to the middleweight division, we don’t see anyone who can hang with The Spider right now. His skills are too well rounded and he’s been simply assassinating some of the UFC’s biggest and most popular stars. But Nate Marquardt is no joke inside the cage with a 28-6-1 record to prove it and if he can take this fight to the ground, he just might walk out of UFC 73 with some gold around his waist. And a long, lanky frame is exactly what a submission artist like Marquardt loves to deal with. Still, we can’t go against the champ in this one as his ever evolving skills should prove too much to handle as long as he can avoid the take down. If these guys stay on their feet, Marquardt will be going to sleep from the heavy hands of Silva.

Then there’s the title bout between champ Sean Sherk and challenger Hermes Franca in the 155-pound division. The Muscle Shark will be defending his newly won title for the first time after falling off the UFC map for a while and Hermes Franca will be more than willing to make knock him back out of the spotlight. But the longer this fight goes, the more of an advantage Sherk will have. Championship bouts are five rounds and there might not be a more conditioned athlete in the game than Sherk; not to mention the 38 previous professional fights he has under his belt. Franca needs to utilize his submission skills in this fight, but it’s going to be a tough challenge considering that Sherk has the size and strength to completely dominate him on the ground. Expect Sherk to walk out of the octagon with his belt in hand.

Of course, the most hyped fight of the night involves one of the greatest stars the UFC has ever seen in Tito Ortiz and the undefeated up-n-comer Rashad Evans. Ortiz obviously has some type of mental hang-up and devolves into a whole other fighter when put in the cage with Chuck Liddell, but throw him in there with almost anyone else and he’s one of the most lethal opponents in the sport with a 16-5 record. Evans, on the other hand, hasn’t encountered any kryptonite on his way to an unblemished 15-0 record as a pro. Both guys have bricks for fists, both guys have great takedowns, both guys have great takedown defense and both guys are desperate to grab the No. 1 contender status for Quinton Jackson’s Light Heavyweight Championship belt. Throw in some bad blood stemming from typical Ortiz hijinks and you’ve got all the makings of a big time face-smasher.

There’s no doubt that Evans is climbing the proverbial ladder straight to the top of the UFC with his impressive debut in the company, but beating a bunch of reality stars/UFC wannabes is not the same thing as taking on a MMA legend. Ortiz has been in the ring with the best of the best and Evans is going to be just another paycheck to the Huntington Beach Bad Boy while there will probably be a little hint of awe in the eyes of Evans. We’re expecting a great contest with a good share of face swelling, but when the smoke clears from this battle, we’ll be talking about an upcoming title bout between Ortiz and Rampage.


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