San Francisco 49ers

Everyone relax… it’s still the San Francisco 49ers

Hello Santa Clara!

Everyone is up in arms today because the 49ers have announced that they’re going to build their next stadium in Santa Clara instead of the current site at Candlestick Point. Let us fill you in on something, it’s all just one big suburb of San Francisco anyway. If you can drag yourself to freezing ass cold (by SF standards) Candlestick, you can drag yourself to Santa Clara.

Yes, technically the closest big city is San Jose but there’s no way that the name of the team is going to change from the San Francisco 49ers to the Santa Clara 49ers or the San Jose 49ers. The team’s headquarters are already in Santa Clara, what’s the difference if they play their games there.

As owner John York said:

Nothing will persuade us to change the name of the San Francisco 49ers, one of the most storied brands in the world of sports.

And by “storied” he means “marketable”.

Now, let’s just hope the new stadium has a better name than Dick’s Stadium or the short (never?) lived Pink Taco.


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San Francisco 49ers

Kevan Barlow compares Nolan to Hitler

Kevan’s first Photoshop project

In a phone interview with the Contra Costa Times on Tuesday, Kevan Barlow ripped into Niners head coach Mike Nolan.

Nolan just doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s a first-time head coach with too much power. He has too much power as a first-time head coach. He walks around with a chip on his shoulder, like he’s a dictator, like he’s Hitler. People are scared of him. If it ain’t Nolan’s way, it’s the highway.

Barlow accused Nolan of lying to him because a week before he was traded to the Jets, Nolan assured him that he would not be traded.

It was dirty. He had no respect for me or the organization. He doesn’t know about the 49ers way, and that’s too bad because even his dad (Dick) was coach of the 49ers. Bill Walsh set the standard there, and he ain’t living up to it.

Barlow said that about half the team feels the way he does. Ouch. It doesn’t sound like Nolan will be getting a Christmas card from Barlow this year.

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San Francisco 49ers

Welcome the Santa Clara 49ers

The Niners are planning a $600M-$800M 68,000 seat stadium to open in 2012. The stadium would be adjacent to their current home at Candlestick/Monster Park. However, the new stadium would depend on approval by the city to approve a mall/entertainment/residential complex right next to the new stadium and some officials say that might require rezoning and not be approved. If the deal falls through, the new stadium could be built in Santa Clara, about 45 miles south of San Francisco.

Here’s a computer illustration of the new Niners stadium.

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San Francisco 49ers

Odds and Ends (07.17.06): Didn’t Jerry Rice retire already?

We could’ve sworn that Jerry Rice retired last year when he finally figured out that he couldn’t play when he couldn’t even break into the lineup for the Denver Broncos. But now, Jerry says he wants to sign a one day contract to retire as a Niner. We think it’s always a classy move when a player of longstanding tradition goes back to the ball club he started with to retire. However, Jerry Rice should have retired as a Niner about 6 years ago before he tarnished his legacy. Of all modern football players hanging on to glory too long, Jerry Rice might have been the saddest of our generation.

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