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Ron Artest wants to be Michael Vick’s Big Brother

You know that your world is going to hell in a hand basket when Ron Artest wants to be the person to help you turn things around. Well, guess what? Michael Vick’s world is already reaching the bubbling depths of eternal fire and despair and, you got it, Ron Ron wants to be the one to pull Vick out and help him better understand that God fella he’s supposedly found overnight.

I want to call him and support him, you know, be there for him,” Artest said. “(He) lied and then came back and apologized to everybody, I felt that was classy. … I was touched that he took full responsibility. I felt that was a real man. I know for a fact he’ll come out a better person.

I think athletes just gotta be more aware,” he said. “At times things happen so fast in your life, you just stay living that same lifestyle. You can’t do it no more. I just hope people can take the mistakes I made, mistakes other people are making and just learn from them.

Listen, Artest, you can’t even learn from your own mistakes, how are you expecting Vick to learn from `em? That’s like asking Mike Tyson to help you through your domestic abuse incident. And that, my friend, would be simply inconceivable.


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David Lee plays streetball in the projects? It’s true, Ron Artest said so.

No, no, no; not that David Lee.

If you’re curious about how Ron Artest is spending his off-season, you’d probably be surprised to know that the NBA’s bad boy is currently in Nairobi, Kenya, with Theo Ratliff, Maurice Evans, Etan Thomas and NBA Players Association president Billy Hunter in a joint effort with “Feed the Children.” Surprisingly, Artest is being productive for a change. At least he’s not the latest celebrity to treat a third world country like a petting zoo as they look for a cute native child to pluck from some village. And thank goodness, no child deserves to be raised by Ron Ron. What’s even more surprising than Artest actually participating in a charitable cause is that he seems to be learning from the experience.

These people are not eating,” Artest said. “They haven’t taken showers, and the sewers are right outside their house. And it’s not even sewers with running water. It’s like a little ditch so they can throw their feces in.”

“And little 1-year-old babies are walking around and playing right next to it, wearing clothes that look like they’ve been in a New York train station and run over by a ‘7’ train 100 times. All the ghettos in New York City, the only thing that can compare to this is New Orleans when Katrina happened. And this is worse than Katrina.

We say any maturity is good maturity when it comes to Artest, so we’re pretty impressed with his actions. But, even more shocking than Ron starting to act his age is that he plays streetball in the ghetto with David Lee.

If some crazy scenario happened where I was with the Knicks, I would want David Lee there,” Artest said. “I love David Lee. I played with him in the ‘hood last summer, and he showed so much heart. They were trying to rough up David Lee, but David Lee got rough right back. And this was the projects, you know? And I respected that.

Wow, does this sound like a real life White Men Can’t Jump or what?


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Reggie Theus is the Prodigal King

The Kings are bringing home one of their own by hiring Reggie Theus as their new head coach. Reggie played 13 seasons in the NBA and 3 with the Sacramento Kings. This isn’t like Reggie Miller going back to coach the Pacers but he has some connection with the club.

The Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof might have been a little too over-enthusiastic in their press release announcing the hiring of Theus though:

He’s the King of Kings. He had a great career as a player with this franchise and now he has a chance to be the head coach of the team. He did a wonderful job with the New Mexico State program. He’s very well thought of and revered in Las Cruces and we’re just really excited to have him on board.

Coach Bill Fuller is now Jesus Christ? How’d that happen? Let’s hope he assembles a better team than this sorry squad.


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Odds and Ends: Ron Artest makes perfect sense

Here’s Ron Artest on the brawl in Detroit, courtesy of The Big Lead:

The Detroit owner, he’s a trip. He said if [Ron] wouldn’t have been laying on the table, the guy wouldn’t have thrown the beer. That don’t make sense cause I lay on tables a lot. I lay on benches in my neighborhood and nobody throws cups of beer or rocks at me. That just doesn’t make sense. One guy in the front row was calling me and Jermaine O’Neal mother hoes and bitches the whole game, and you didn’t see us attack him.

Yep, that’s Ron Artest, laying around master. Words cannot describe.

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And finally, the soccer world is buzzing with goal by Andres Vasquez, which some are saying is the greatest goal every scored. The video is below so you can decide for yourself.

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Ron Artest wants a fresh start

It’s been a rocky road for Ron Artest since he entered the league in 1999, but the troubles could be coming to an end soon.  Well, at least for the Kings.  

While Artest won’t publicly say it, Corliss Williamson told the Sacramento Bee that Artest sent him a text that said he would be retiring at the end of the season in order to spend more time with his family.  There’s no word yet on if his family wants to spend more time with him, but Artest still seems serious about his desire to call it quits.  He also told the editors of, the site that publishes his personal diary, that he wants to retire.  

But this doesn’t mean that Artest is done starting on-court riots.  In fact, he could be taking his show overseas, where riots are much more common, in order to escape some of the negative attention that has hounded him in America.  But how is hot-head Artest going to handle getting beaned with a battery considering he went ballistic after getting hit by a plastic cup in Detroit?

Still, Artest seems to think that with a little separation he can repair his image and go from villain to hero in the eyes of the American public just like his hip-hop heroes Flavor Flav and Ice Cube did.  But Sacramento president Geoff Petrie doesn’t seem to have much faith in Artest’s decision just yet.

He’s under a lot of scrutiny and at a point, really, in his own career where he needs to be a better keeper of his own soul in some ways,” Petrie said. “We’ll assess in the context of the whole season where we go (with Artest from here). But again, it’s sort of Ron being Ron.

Petrie went on and hinted that the team might be better off without the continuous distractions that Artest brings.

You’ve got to change something — change for the betterment of himself and for the betterment of the team he’s playing for,” Petrie said of Artest.  “There’s no team that needs continuous distractions, no matter how substantive they may actually be.

So, don’t worry Ron, it looks like you might get to work on that Flavor Flav impression after the post season concludes whether you want to or not.  

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