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Brady Quinn likes to call guys “chief” while munching on barbacoa

With all the Brett Favre to the Jets talk over the past several days, you probably missed out on the big “Brady Quinn goes to Chipotle story. Luckily, nothing gets past

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Adam Sorbo, a 23-year-old Chipolte employee who had the pleasure of serving Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn this past Tuesday. Adam was kind enough to answer a few questions and talk us through his Brady Quinn/Chipolte experience.

Todd Seda: Hi Adam, how are you?

Sorbo: Aw man, I’m great, glad to be talking with you bro. I got some awesome stuff to share.

Todd Seda: Fantastic, let’s get to. Brady Quinn came into your Middleburg Heights store this past Tuesday around lunchtime, correct?

Todd Seda: Yeah man, like around 2pm, you know, after practice in Berea. The whole thing is funny because literally, the night before I was playing with my franchise in Madden 08 and made the conscious decision to start Brady over Derek Anderson for the rest of the season. It turned out to be a good move because Quinn and the Browns went on to win the Super Bowl for me. Then, BAM, like 12 hours later I am awarded with the man himself.

Todd Seda: Was he with anyone?

Sorbo: Yeah, he had two other dudes with him, I didn’t recognize either though, maybe his bros from college or something? Brady was definitely the leader of the group though, no doubt. He was wearing this awesome brown Hollister shirt and he had absolutely no hesitation about himself or what he was there to do. Some people come into Chipolte and kind of stroll around and take in the atmosphere for a while. Not Brady — it was like he was on a mission. And as the server, man, you gotta be on your toes for a guy like that.

Todd Seda: Were you nervous?

Sorbo: Listen man, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. I mean, when I took this job back in January I was told that Browns players have been known to stop by. In reality though, nothing prepares you for the actual thing. But what was I going to do? I couldn’t run away, I had to stand strong and just focus on the task at hand.

Todd Seda: Did Brady say anything to you before he went into his order?

Sorbo: (laughing) Did he say anything to me? Oh man, let me tell you, this is when all my nerves were flushed away because not only did Brady say “what’s up”, but he also called me “chief” and made some solid eye contact. I mean, the guy has such a presence, such an ability to make you feel calm. I insanely felt the desire to take orders from him. Any orders. He could have told me to pour hot salsa in my eyes and I would’ve done it, no questions asked.

Todd Seda: So what did he get to eat?

Sorbo: He got a barbacoa burrito bowl with a side of tortillas. He didn’t even have to look at the menu beforehand — it was awesome. Then, when we got down to the end of the line he calmly asked for extra cheese. I replied “frig yeah dude,” and gave him the thumbs up. I think that he said “thanks” back but I’m still not sure — he may have just coughed.

Todd Seda: Did he get guac added on or any chips?

Sorbo: Nope, just the barbacoa burrito bowl, a side of tortillas, and a large drink. But really though, that meal, what he ordered is such an excellent choice. Such a smart choice. In fact, its the only thing I eat from Chipolte these days and I’m am even trying to get my manager to name it the “Bradycoa Special.”

Todd Seda: Did he get his burrito bowl to go or did he and his friends dine in?

Sorbo: They left. When he was filling up his drink I ran out to the tables and started wiping all the best ones down, just in case he changed his mind and wanted to eat-in. I completely understood though, he probably had a really busy day.

Todd Seda: Did he say “goodbye” to you?

Sorbo: No, he did not. I waved as he walked out the door but I guess he just didn’t see me, he was on his Blackberry and talking to his friend. I have no doubt in my mind though that if he would’ve seen me he would’ve waved back. He’s that kind of guy, you know? Just an all around cool dude. Oh, and I almost forgot! When he paid for his food, he tossed all his change into the United Way glass box we have by the register. It was like 65 cents — it was so cool. And you know, that’s the kind of stuff you don’t read about in the papers, that’s just Brady being Brady.

Todd Seda: So it sounded like the experience was an all around positive one.

Sorbo: Dude, it was amazing. Its been one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me. I mean, you hear stories about how pro-athletes are crazy jerks, but honestly, Brady was one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. There was just something about him. I mean, I totally felt like I could have asked him what he was up to later on that night and he would have told me–and maybe even invited me along. And you know, I would’ve asked too but I just didn’t want to come on too strong, you know. I wanted to lay some solid groundwork for any kind of future relationship.

Todd Seda: Future relationship?

Sorbo: Yeah man. I have already changed up all my hours so I work Tuesdays during lunch. Next time he comes in I think I am either going to attempt a high five or maybe even invite him to one of my cousin’s house parties.

Todd Seda: Alright Adam, thanks for your time and sharing your story.

Sorbo: Anytime man. Go Browns. Go Brady.


[]: An Interview With A Guy That Served Brady Quinn At Chipolte

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