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MMA puts new twist on SNL classic "Oops I Crapped My Pants"

If you’ve never been to a mixed martial arts fight in person then you’re missing out. Sure, watching it at home is great, but it’s nothing like being there live. The hoopla is half the fun. When you’re sitting at home on your couch then you’re not experiencing all the sights, sounds and smells of combat. Actually, disregard that part about the smells.

In Saturday’s match against Corey Wethey, [Fred] Mitchell struck his opponent so hard that Wethey lost control of his bowels. The incident required a 10-minute intermission while officials scrubbed down the ring. Mitchell went on to win the fight by Wethey’s disqualification.

The fight — the seventh of the night – began like any other. Mitchell and Wethey left their corners, tapped gloves and traded punches. After landing a knee to Wethey’s body, Mitchell said he began to smell something foul.

As the fight prolonged, Mitchell said the smell continued to worsen. Eventually, he removed his mouth piece and expressed his concerns to the ring official.

“He s— himself,” Mitchell said repeatedly.

It was at that point Wethey gained the advantage and locked Mitchell’s head between his thighs.

As the round progressed, news about Wethey’s intestinal difficulties slowly made its way to the ring officials, who were at a loss of what to do.

Once the round ended, Wethey told his corner what happened and quickly was evacuated from the ring.

After Mitchell’s win was announced, he took the microphone and proclaimed to the crowd, “You can say I beat the crap out of him.”

Everyone tried to warn Wethey that he should have cut the extra weight a lot earlier, but he’s such a procrastinator.


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