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Sorry Green Bay, but nothing comes between Eli and his Oreos or his Seinfeld

We told you about the Green Bay television station that pulled Saturday’s episode of Seinfeld off the air in an attempt to make Eli Manning go Kenny Rogers Roasters crazy before the big game on Sunday. Well, as we expected, the plan was a complete waste of time because Sony of all people raced to the rescue.

Despite the dastardly plans of the Fox affiliate in Green Bay to deny the Giant quarterback the privilege of watching his favorite TV show on Saturday night, it turns out Manning will be able to watch reruns of “Seinfeld” after all. Sony has sent Manning a DVD player and “Seinfeld: The Complete Series” DVD collection that he can watch from his hotel room all night long.

It was such a simple solution to circumvent WLUK’s publicity stunt, that Michael Strahan had already thought of it hours before.

“Are you kidding me?” Strahan said yesterday, when told the station had pulled “Seinfeld” off the air because it heard it was Manning’s favorite show.

“Don’t they have ‘Seinfeld’ DVDs? We can always watch ‘Seinfeld.’ If they think that’s going to mess him up, I should probably move to Green Bay. I could be very successful there with some of my ideas.

But don’t worry Packers fans; you still might get to see Emmitt Smith’s infomercial about feet. You lucky dogs, you.


[]: Eli Manning able to foil bizarre `Seinfeld’

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Not his only worry — I don’t think Eli would have to worry about seeing his favorite TV show.  He should worry about how freakin cold its going to be out there.  -2 at the start of the game is the last perdiction I heard.  And on top of that the wind will make it feel like -14.  I have been to games that cold before and mand Its hard to even breathe.  Good luck Eli!!!

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