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This stunt is more pathetic than George Costanza pretending to be handicapped

In yet another example of Green Bay fans taking their passion for the Packers just a wee bit over the top, Fox affiliate WLUK has pulled the regularly scheduled airing of Seinfeld on Saturday afternoon in an attempt to – get this – disrupt Eli Manning’s pregame preparation. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, the Giants and the Packers will battle it out in some c-c-c-cold conditions at Lambeau on Sunday.

On a video on the station’s Web site, [general manager of WLUK Jay] Zollar points at the camera and says, “Eli, no ‘Seinfeld’ for you!”

“We don’t want to give any comfort to the enemy whatsoever when they come into town,” Zollar says. “We know laughter is good medicine, and we decided we’re not going to give that to him.”

We hate to burst your little bubble Zollar, but Eli is a 27-year-old walking ATM and if he’s such a huge Seinfeldian then he’s probably got the entire box set on DVD. We seriously doubt that he’s frantically searching the TV Guide for another 5:30 p.m. Saturday showing of “The Marine Biologist” because some podunk station decided to yank it for no good reason. But we’re sure the locals are loving that instead of watching the greatest comedy sitcom to ever light up a television screen, they could end up sitting through an infomercial for “The Good Feet Store” starring former Cowboys back Emmitt Smith. No, seriously. They might have to watch that crap.

The station is conducting an online vote to choose a replacement program.

As of Wednesday, a special about former Packers coach Vince Lombardi totaled 65.7 percent of the vote, followed by a rerun of a local show with Packers receiver Donald Driver (18.8), an infomercial for “The Good Feet Store” starring former Cowboys back Emmitt Smith (8.8) and a M*A*S*H rerun (6.7).


[]: Green Bay TV station pulling `Seinfeld’, Eli’s favorite

One reply on “This stunt is more pathetic than George Costanza pretending to be handicapped”

Your Rant goes too far — Me being a Bears fan all my life, I have a special hatred for Green Bay and everyone in that town.  But if the Bears were in this game, I would hope that we wouldn’t air Eli’s show either.  The point isn’t that it will disturb Eli but the fact that its a community effort towards the greater good of the team.  I know it sounds corny but last year for the New Orleans coming to Solider field, the papers told us to put a note in our freezer that said FREEZE NEW ORLEANS, I guess it was voodoo, but the point isn’t that we believed it would work, but that we were trying to do our part.  You must live in a Podunk town far away from a stadium and you just don’t know the true meaning of Fanhood, and what it means to feel like the 12th man on the field.  Try and get to a game…

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