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Tom Brady might have to beat down Leo DiCaprio for moving in on his woman

Leonardo DiCaprio could have any girl he wants, but it seems that he wants the one that got away. Apparently Leo is regretting having ever let the stunning Gisele Bundchen out of his grasp and, frankly, we can’t blame him. Problem is, as everyone knows, Gisele is currently dating the soon-to-be NFL MVP Tom Brady. Well, Brady is a man, in fact, he’s the Stetson man, and apparently he doesn’t take kindly to old flames sending text messages or calling his lady.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that the NFL signal caller is unhappy with the entire development.

Now that Leo’s romance with Israeli model Bar Refaeli is kaput, he’s rekindled his friendship with Gisele, 27, and has been texting her a lot., the story claims.

“Leo now realizes what a mistake he made by not marrying Gisele,” his pal dishes to the magazine. “He knows she’s with Tom, so if he can’t have her as a girlfriend, he wants her as a friend.” According to the insider, Tom, 30, is miffed that Leo, 33, is suddenly back in Gisele’s life, even though she’s assured him that it’s just platonic. “Tom is not happy at all that Gisele and Leo are friends again,” the insider says.

Of course he’s upset! He knows there’s no such thing as friends between guys and girls, especially between an ex-boyfriend and a supermodel. He’d have to be dumber than Helio’s old ladyto let Leo back in the picture.


[]: Leonardo DiCaprio Texting Gisele Bundchen: Tom Brady Fumes!

One reply on “Tom Brady might have to beat down Leo DiCaprio for moving in on his woman”

Well — I wouldn’t be too happy either if it was me in the same situation. Ok, there can be friendship between a boy and a girl, but hardly between an ex couple…

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