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Florida high school football teams get blasted with suspensions following bench-clearing brawl

The hammer came down today following a huge brawl during a high school football game between the players of Florida’s Miramar and Flanagan. In all, 56 players got suspended for anywhere from one to six weeks for their roles in the fight.

It’s considered by many to be the biggest mass suspension in Florida high school history with 29 suspensions going to Miramar and 27 more going to Flanagan. It all went down on September 28 during the third quarter of the game.

A cameraman for the Sun-Sentinel High School Sports program was rolling after a scuffle broke out following a play. Pushing quickly turned into thrown punches and grappling, as players from both benches rushed in to help their teammates.

“I saw one of the football players push somebody in the dirt, push their head down in the dirt. And then I saw the whole team just come out and fighting,” said one student.

Another student agrees with the suspensions, “I believe it was deserved because fighting is not tolerable amongst all schools, so I think they should have got it.

The entire offensive squad that was on the field for Miramar and the entire defensive squad for Flanagan got suspended, in addition to a bunch of other kids that came off the benches to join.

While something like this could happen anywhere in the country, it figures that it would happen in Florida. Obviously, these kidos should be receiving their scholarship letters from Miami and Florida International at any minute now.


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