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Brady Quinn’s hair gets more attention than you ever have

Brady Quinn has only been in the NFL for a few short months now, but people just can’t seem to get enough of this guy. In fact, when Quinn chopped off his locks before taking the field against the Broncos on Saturday, it became a bigger story than Travis Henry’s unparalleled addiction to baby mommas. So, of course, the local paper, The Plain Dealer, ran a poll to find out if the populace prefers their Quinn with or without a mop top. Of the 1,689 pathetic losers to respond to the question, 61.5% liked the Shaggy hairdo more than the rookie hazing shave job. But who really gives a flip about whether Clevelandites like Quinn’s hair style when it turns out that there was really a whole lot more to the story.

According to Lionel295, this was no rookie hazing at all:

With all the intense media coverage how come they blew the story? Brady’s head was shaved because he had lice.

OMG, please spread the word of this infestation to anyone who has shared a comb with Quinn. Without proper quarantining this could spread faster and further than the Derek Jeter herpes epidemic!

However, we’d be remiss to leave out wwocean’s thought provoking input on this matter:

You know, I think the new Brady kind of looks like Matt Dillon. Let’s just hope his career goes a little better.


[]: The results are in! What do you think of Brady Quinn’s hair?

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