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McGruff can’t wait to beat down Michael Vick

With all the craziness that is going on surrounding Michael Vick and his puppy torturing ways, it seems that the media has forgotten all about one of the most credible sources in relation to canine crime. While everyone wants to hear from PETA and The Humane Society, we think we’ve found someone whose personal experiences allow him to contribute a viewpoint that nobody else can.

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the nba in general — I have waited a long time to say this.  I quit watching the NBA several years ago.  In the past, I really enjoyed going to games and watching them on t.v.  However, I feel the NBA, as well as some other professional sports athletes, have gotten out of control.  It has become a playground for overpaid, whiney, thugs and babies.  Professional are in the spotlight.  Whether they agree, or not, alot of kids lookup to them.  They immulate them.  I don’t like the use of the term "role model", but in fact their actions are sensationalized and kids want to be like them. Pro athletes should be thankful for the talents that they posess.  That they can earn an extrodinarily good living doing something they love and enjoy.  Yet, for some, this is not enough.  They insist on crossing the moral, ethical and legal lines society has set down.  Not that it’s the fans fault, but as long as patrons continue to support these athletes lifestyles(by paying the outrageous amounts of money it costs to see them)they will continue to think that they are larger than life and entitled to do what they want.  Just my opinion.

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