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Greg Biffle hates dog killers, this means you Michael

Michael Vick is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday afternoon where he will enter a plea on the dogfighting charges against him. While most people are in total agreement that Vick is a lowlife and he should never play in the NFL again, the majority of athletes are keeping their mouths shut about the whole case. Well, except for Clinton Portis and we all know how swimmingly that went.

But the waiting for a sports figure to stand up and speak their mind is no more because NASCAR driver Greg Biffle has stepped up to the plate. Biffle is an animal rights advocate and he had no problem with forgetting the whole notion of “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.” And we don’t blame him.

I just wish they’d put him in jail and be done with it.”

“Just put him in prison and tell the general public, just give them all the details of what they do with those dogs,” Biffle said. “How they steal people’s dogs out of their front yards and use them for bait dogs and let other dogs kill them. There’s all the horrifying stories. You look at all the pictures on the Internet of the dogs, just maimed, mangled. It’s horrible.

While Biffle wants the judge to throw the book at Vick for his dog murdering ways, he also admitted that the Falcons QB is not the only one involved with the illegal blood sport.

It goes on everywhere. He’s not the only guy. It goes on in this state too,” Biffle said. “Maybe they’ll use him as an example and maybe get some other people to think about whether they want to be in federal prison with him or not.

However, we would like to add that if they really want to make an example out of Vick, somewhere during sentencing there must be mention of a ferret and Vick’s groin.


[]: Biffle says of Vick: `I just with they’d put him in jail.’

3 replies on “Greg Biffle hates dog killers, this means you Michael”

Vick needs to be banned from professional sports — So, its time Vick faces the judicial system… The most appropriate punishment for his horrific crimes against animals is deprive him of the lifestyle. I advocate he be banned for life from playing professional sports of any kind in this country. His team would be smart to not wait for the court outcome – but to boot him off the team. What does suspending him for 4 games do? That’s not a punishment! Take away his high roller lifestyle and now we getting closer to punishment. No one (and I mean no one) is so talented that the public can look away from these attrocities.

NFL – wake up. Pete Rose was banned for life for a little gambling. What are you going to do about a murderous animal killer?

if Vick — was as good as they hyped him up to be, then the NFL would take a softer stance. But since he’s a QB who can’t figure out how to play QB in the NFL, expect that he’ll be banned for a long long long time (effectively for life) if he’s found guilty.

Talent trumps everything else in the NFL but because his skills aren’t as great as thought, Vick is expendable.

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