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Tatiana Golovin’s underwear makes news at Wimbledon; now that’s a story

Salute your shorts!

If you don’t know who Tatiana Golovin is, you’ll probably remember her red “knickers.” As most tennis chicks do, Golovin wore an itty bitty skirt during her match on Wednesday that showed off her underwear from time to time. Now, you’d never catch us complaining about something like this but apparently not everyone is so pleased and during a during a rain delay someone took a peak under her skirt and determined that by definition the undies were “knickers” and not “cycling shorts” and because they didn’t go below her skirt, they were permitted.

Wimbledon regulations require that “Each individual item of clothing must be almost entirely white.” Needless to say the red under shorts don’t qualify as white, but as long as the panties only appear sporadically it seems that she’ll be allowed to wear them. Yippie!!

They say red is a colour that proves you are strong and confident, so I’m happy with my red knickers.”

“I’ll keep wearing them as long as I keep winning. They are lucky.”

“For these two weeks, it’s going to be red. Then it’s a surprise for after that.

Obviously, we’ve found a new tennis starlet that we’re going to be keeping our eyes on. What can we say, we love surprises.


[The Sun Online]: Knickers to you lot, says Tatiana

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