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Damn, Tommie! Not you too.

What is it with sports and big mouths? Chicago Bears D-lineman Tommie Harris has joined Kobe Bryant, Clinton Portis and Billy Donovan on the recent list of guys who are quick to retreat from their actions.

Harris was in Philadelphia last week to attend Donovan McNabb’s charity golf tournament when someone stuck a microphone in front of him and effortless got Harris to start blabbering about how desperately he wants McNabb to QB in Chicago; all the while, seemingly forgetting that Rex Grossman is currently serving that role after offensively navigating the Bears to the Super Bowl.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Harris said: “I’d love to have [McNabb] as my quarterback in Chicago . . . Hopefully, he comes here and helps the Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl . . . If he comes to Chicago, we’ll definitely win the Super Bowl . . . He’s my friend and I would like him to play on my team . . . I’d love him to play for the Bears.”

Harris then continued, ending with this: “Hopefully we get Donovan.

But, of course, Tommie was just kidding around and blames the whole thing on Donovan for egging him on.

I will be careful the next time I joke around,” Harris told reporters. “Donovan was behind the camera laughing. We were joking around and it escalated to more than what it was. I apologized to the rest of my team. I was very embarrassed with how much it blew up with the media. My team forgave me, so that’s all that matters.

Okay, we’re not buying the whole “joke” copout on this one, Tommie. But apparently Grossman is because he seemed to think it was all “not that big of a deal.” Still, we’re really getting sick of the backtracking that is going on in sports today and the lame excuses that these athletes think the public is gullible enough to believe. Give us a freaking break for once; either shut the hell up altogether until you have clearly thought about the possible ramifications of your comments or stick to your statements, if that is how you honestly feel. Quit wasting our time with B.S.; all it does is make you look completely foolish.


[]: Love for McNabb from Bears lineman, who quickly backpedals

One reply on “Damn, Tommie! Not you too.”

it was joke — anyone who knows him knows how much he jokes… and its funny how the media conveniently cropped donovan out of the camera shot so that no one could see that donovan was standing right behind him making funny faces…

the whole thing was a big misunderstanding and the media needs to stop twisting everything that athletes, celebs, and other socialites say just to get ratings

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