Alexi Lalas calls Premiership "inferior product"

We know that Galaxy GM Alexi Lalas is trying to drum up publicity for David Beckham’s arrival in the United States but this is just sheer lunacy:

There’s no accounting for bad taste. That a segment of the world worships an inferior product in the Premiership is their business. English football now has the haves and the have-nots. It’s just that the Premiership have become so skilled in presentation. They took a page out of American football and so now they have Saturday Showdowns and Super Sundays. I love it. This is high-calibre marketing – taking an inferior product and improving it through packaging.

The experts in England talk about David Beckham as if he’s going into semi-retirement. It’s insulting to say Beckham is on his way to Hollywood when he’s coming to play in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. There are a lot of stars who would struggle here.

There’s this delusion that if it’s English then it’s great. But a whole world exists outside of England. That’s reflected in the difficulties they had when everyone ran to the Premiership. Maybe it’s OK for the fan but, for the average development of the players, their game is struggling.

This is tantamount of the Canadian Football League calling out the NFL. Here are five reasons why MLS is not one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

[Guardian UK]: Premiership inferior, says Lalas

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too many headers — Alexi, you just proved how ignorant Americans are when it comes to soccer/football.

One of the top 5 players in MLS last year (Clint Dempsey) is sitting on the bench for on the worst teams in the Premiership (Fulham), and two other American soccer “stars” who are too good for MLS (Oguchi Onyewu and DaMarcus Beasley) couldn’t earn contracts with the Premiership during their loans stays this year.

Yep, much worse than MLS.

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