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$15k for Turtle’s Air Force 1s

Remember when Vince forked over an envelope full of cash so that Turtle could get his pair of Fukiyamas in season 3 of Entourage? Well, you’re going to have to fork over just as much money if you want to get that actual pair of sneakers on ebay.

This Specific Pair was the actual shoe that received the coveted prime-time airtime on the episode also known as the prop shoe (no size tag). The shoe designed by Fukiyama in the episode but was actually designed and lasered by Nike designer Mark Smith. The wood box is a 1 of 1 lasered creation by Mark Smith and is different from the box in the episode specifically because that box is sitting on display at HBO offices on 6th Ave. in Manhattan, NY. I assure you this is a genuine article and to prove it the item can be autographed by the starring cast of Entourage (Vince/E/Drama/Turtle as well as Fukiyama!) with a certificate of authenticity and photographs of them signing the winning bidders choice of box and/or shoes.

I’m not sure that 15k for a pair of sneakers is reasonable unless they were worn by Michael Jordan as he hit his game winning shot over Cleveland or Utah. Entourage is a great show but it’s not going into the television hall of fame or anything. But if you have Vinny Chase money, what’s 15 grand? Ain’t shit. You can pay straight cash, homey.


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2 replies on “$15k for Turtle’s Air Force 1s”

I hope — in a future episode they mention the selling of these on ebay. Like when Turtle inevitably needs money. And btw Turtle, really? Those shoes were worth hogging a whole episode?

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