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The state of Florida is split on Billy Donovan’s decision indecision

It was fun while it lasted.

What’s up with the NBA and all this flopping that’s going on?  Well, we should really be more specific about what we’re talking about; we’re talking about the flip-flopping that is going on off the court, not the kind of flopping that Steve Nash perfected when Robert Horry gave him a lil’ pop.  Turns out that Kobe isn’t the only big name in the Association to wanna weasel out of something he said.

Billy Donovan reportedly wants out of the five-year, $27.5 million deal that he signed with the Magic on Friday to return to the Florida Gators.  And it looks like he just might get what he wants.  Apparently, Donovan heard blowhards like Dick Vitale over the weekend while they flapped their gums about how Donovan could have been the next Coach K. or John Wooden but instead chose to leave his college legacy behind for the big bucks.  Or maybe he just realized that college guys don’t fare too well in the NBA.  Either way, it doesn’t really matter because the two time champion signed the dotted line at the bottom of the Magic’s stationary, putting his future in their hands.

While it would be pointless to keep a guy around if he’s not fully committed to the job, we are really hoping that Orlando forces Donovan to stay.  After all, that is how a contract works, right?  You had a good thing going in Florida Billy, you really did but when you shook the hand of the Magic’s owner and put the pen to the paper, your Gator days became priceless memories.  And anyways, how would you feel if Joakim Noah had pulled out of his commitment with Florida before ever taking to the floor for a single practice.  Well, Noah probably isn’t the best example but you get the point.

[]: Orlando Magic will allow Billy Donovan to return to Florida

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WCWS Division I Championships — What’s with the terrible umpires calling the WCWS Softball Championships?  ESPN was dumbfounded by the plate ump in the Baylor / Northwestern game.  Something like, “Well, the strike zone seems to expand for Northwestern’s pitcher.”  Then, why only 3 umps per game?  There’s just as much going on at these games as there are with the men’s games.  Common NCAA, let’s show these women the respect they deserve and FIX this NOW!

Billy the worst man in sports! — Billy Donovan promised the magic and signed a contract single handedly raising the hopes of this team and then decideds to turn around and go back to the gators. This is the example of a total idiot who just lost himself some millions because of the fine he will have to pay. He has backstaped this organization and this city and should never be allowed to join the NBA ever. Hence he is the worst man in sports and i would be very happy if he was left without a job. Because i have been the biggest magic fan for years and in on fowl swoop he builded hopes and then demolised all in the matter of 4 days.

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