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The Portland Beavers are giving away bobbleheads of a total stranger. Yippie!

Baseball is known for their oh so stupid promotions to get fans in the park and butts in the seats. And to borrow a quote from one of the greatest cinematic features of all time:

Just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!

The Portland Beavers are the Triple-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers and they decided that they would give away bobblehead dolls to the first 2,000 through the gates on August 18. But these aren’t going to be just any normal bobbleheads; no, the Beavers have put their own unique twist on the giveaway. Back in February, the promotions team decided to make “Bobblehead” day into “Bob L. Head” day and assembled a long list of people whose legal name was Bob L. Head (or any version of Bob, such as Bobby, Robert or Roberto).

Now, the list has been narrowed down to three lucky Bobs and it is up to you to determine which one makes the final cut. Voting will last through the end of the month but you can only vote once per computer. So, there will be no unfair stuffing of the ballot box for all you desperate folks who want Bob Lee Head from Indiana to win. But be sure to inform yourself about each of the candidates before you hit that Vote button because this is no laughing matter we’re talking about. 2,000 Bob L. Head bobbleheads are on the line here and even though we have no idea what it’s like to have a toy made in our image, we’re guessing that it feels a little something like this:


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