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Michael Vick hopes there’s no game tape

Yahoo! Sports seems to be trying to make themselves into an investigative journalism site; remember their pounding the whole Reggie Bush housing scandal into the ground? Well now they’ve set their sights on the Vick dog-fighting case.

In an exclusive, they are reporting that Kathy Strouse, Animal Control coordinator for Chesapeake in Virginia, is claiming that a reliable source informs her that there are tapes out there that tie Michael Vick directly to dog-fighting. Now, we hate Vick as much as the next guy but this evidence seems a little suspicious:

We don’t know where (the tapes) are or if they do indeed exist, but I have been told that they are out there,” said Strouse, who is also affiliated with two other organizations involved in the welfare of animals. “Without knowing where they are, there’s no possibility of getting a search warrant at this point.

So based on this statement which says nothing, Yahoo runs a headline “Videos might show Michael Vick watching dog fights.” Yeah, that’s not irresponsible at all. Oh and there are certain individuals who have identified Vick on the property during matches… but they are reluctant to testify. Well, this certainly seems like a solid case. Great job, Strouse and Yahoo.

[Yahoo]: Videotapes sought of Vick watching dog fights

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When does it stop… — what a thug.  I guess a 4.2, 40 means you can do what ever you want.  What a little spoiled brat.  Him and his thug brother.  Not only that, he sucks.  He’s the most over rated QB in the league now and Atlanta will win more games if they cut Vick and let Harrington start to avoid the mess at training camp. Why do people have to buy into the hyper-egocentric attitude formulated in our culture.  I mean Vick went to college right, or did he learn something about culture and his actions.  Take it from his teammate Warrick Dunn, you don’t have to be a thug to be cool.

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