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Tim Hardaway opens his mouth and inserts his foot, again

We thought that Tim Hardaway had learned his lesson after his whole ordeal with hating gays and all but it looks like we might have thought wrong. Now, the date of this clip is debatable but if it is after he let John Amaechi have it on the radio then that is one thick headed dude. And if it was taped before his comments then it gives you another interesting look into the mind of a moron.

Our favorite part is when Hardaway starts telling Allen Iverson about how to have a good image. What’s next? Is Najeh Davenport going to start lecturing on how to keep your girlfriend happy?


[Can’t Stop The Bleeding]: Tim Hardaway Was Dressed For Success

2 replies on “Tim Hardaway opens his mouth and inserts his foot, again”

cleary drunk in that video, and socially retarded — in general…but that cross-over dribble is still – by far –
the best ever. Nasty!

Tim Hardway is an idiot for so many reasons — If Allen Iverson didn’t have the cornrows and the tats, he wouldn’t be anywhere near as marketable as he is now. Kids love him for the street look.

Also, way for Timmy to talk about going home and whooping up on your wife.

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