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Charlie Manuel threatens to kick Howard Eskin’s ass

Someone kick his ass

Things are going from bad to worse here in Philly as the Fightins dropped to 3-9 after losing 8-1 to the Mets. But the story of the night was when things got all John Chaney in the post-game press conference and beyond when Charlie Manuel offered to kick Howard Eskin’s ass.

(For those of you unfamiliar with Howard Eskin, consider yourself lucky, he’s the biggest douchebag in Philly sports. He’s a smug bastard with no redeeming qualities and we are convinced he’s only employed because of the sheer amount of idiots in the Philly area and the photos he has of various people in compromising positions. Just to give you an idea of the level of douchiness, Eskin makes Stephen A Smith look like a decent human being. If Howard was on fire, not only would you not piss on him to put it out, you’d make a beeline for the closest gas station.)

Anyway… according to reports, Eskin baited Charley into a confrontation by asking him why he never got angry and whether it would light a fire under the Phillies if he did.

Good-naturedly, Manuel said, “There are times and ways to do it. For me to just go in there and throw a fit — I can go in there and tear the whole [expletive] locker room up. I can come in here and throw over every chair. I don’t see where that’s going to do any good.

Eskin persisted with his questioning at which time Charley invited Howard Eskin to to his office (along with a Phillies PR person) where everyone could hear him screaming at Eskin from behind the closed door. The two then left the office and Charley said he would kick Eskin’s ass and Eskin responded by telling him to grow up.

If only this were on video. This incident might not or might not turn around an already dismal season but it’s good to see someone take Eskin to task for being the instigator that he is. On the flip side, Charlie Manual isn’t doing the job he’s supposed to do. A team as talented as the Phillies shouldn’t be playing such uninspired ball. They’re leading the league with an average of 9.8 left on base a game. And it’s not just the bottom of the lineup that’s responsible, it’s Utley and Howard too.

Our favorite Phillies blog, Beerleaguer, is doing a great job chronicling all this.

[]: Manuel confronts reporter after loss

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3 replies on “Charlie Manuel threatens to kick Howard Eskin’s ass”

I loved… — How Erskin was on Cold pIzza this morning making it sound like Davey Lopes and the other Phillies’ coach was standing outside waiting to kick his ass.

eskin — you know he totally loves being on Cold Pizza.  He loves this stuff.   How the hell did we get two of the worst sportscasters in the world in philly?

TO actually called Eskin’s show a couple months ago and made Eskin look silly.  TO!

Howard Eskin — I disagree with your assessment of Howard Eskin. I’m in my mid fifties and have been a Philly sports fan my whole life.  I agree that Eskin’s on air personna is abrasive and sometimes obnoxious.  However he is, and has been one of the hardest working sports media people in Philadelphia.  Even after 30 years, he still attends most Philly sporting events, and has developed relationships and sources that others couldn’t begin to match.  He has broken more stories than any other reporter or electronic media person.  Don’t let Howard’s on air shtick interfere with the credit he deserves for being one of Philadelphia’s most enduring sports reporters.

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