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This is like a statement on cheerleading or something

One of our readers sent in this photo from the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders tryouts. No, seriously.

Now, we have nothing against fat people but they really shouldn’t be wearing spandex. We’re going to go ahead and guess that this is some feminist social commentary on using overly thin women who create body image issues for “normal” women to sell sports. Either that or someone is suffering from a OJ Simpon-sized case of self delusion. (Or perhaps she is a cautionary tale to the cheerleaders who love buffalo wings.)

Needless to say, she did not make the squad. For a slideshow and video of the Denver hotties that actually made the squad, check here. (Yes, yes, and yes.)

Thanks to rux for the heads up.

By Vin

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One reply on “This is like a statement on cheerleading or something”

anybody see Little Miss Sunshine? — This comment is funnier if you did. For those that saw it… as long as that woman believed that she was going to make the team than she’s a WINNER.

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